lundi 5 mars 2012

I had the best worst fun ever.

Today was my first day in my new office.
Well, no... Because I went skiing, and had a lot of fun with my future brother in law.

Highest I was: 2260m.
He always enjoys testing the human body dynamic or physics law. Even when he's playing with his own son.
And on skis, he tries weird stuff, just for fun.
He ski far better than me, helped me to improve my skills and made me bust my speed peak.
We tried some good skis which had for me a perfect behavior on different kind of snow. I can't wait to test the great brothers of these babies, next saturday...
He thanks me for the trip, he is really glad to let all his shit behind for a day. And I hope I'll hit the slope again with him. When he wants...

So I really had fun...

But god damn, it's was awful.
The ski resort wasn't so great, pretty small and old. The weather was meh. The snow was fucking icy, and hardly got better through the day.
Now the worst: from start to end of the day, I felt like shit. Nauseous.
Some shitty altitude effect... I felt like throwing up anytime I was standing on my ski.
At the end of the day, after the last slopes, I even burped making me puke a little in my mouth.
I didn't want this shit messing with my day, so I still practiced for 5 hours, needing some god damn rest during every run, to help me feeling a little better, agonizing on the side of the path for several minutes and then kicking my ass to ride again.

Now I feel normal and I only remember skiing like a boss and having great time because I didn't let my body deciding.
Go bitch somewhere else, you weak piece of meat.

samedi 25 février 2012

Mountain... I feel you.

My future brother in law told me that he loves skiing.
I really didn't know that he was into this...
We talked a little, and he seems to practice like me.
We could go skiing during the next week. Because he's unemployed right now, and me, well... I'm doing research works.
That seems like a really good day to come.

By the way, I got refunded by a store because of a out of stock product I ordered three weeks ago.
Just the 50 bucks I need for a ski week end.
But it's like someone isn't gonna have a birthday present... Sorry, buddy.

Damn... I think I'm kind of a junky.
At least, I didn't sell some of his stuff, either.
Kharma is safe. I guess.

vendredi 24 février 2012

Get addicted... Get active.

Well no science today. Maybe some broscience.

If you're one of these fat nerds I was. Or maybe the skinny twig one.
But you always get addicted to any kind of things, and can't find motivation to get active, get healthy and live forever.
Maybe I have something for you.

It's kinda a social mmo, fitness related.

Social, because it looks a little like facebook. You have people following you, can join groups and talk shit on your profile.
Mmorpg, because you'll have to level up, you can do quests and get achievements, there are challenge between members. And that's for me the best part.
Fitness, because... well, you have to track physical activity to get points.
You can log weight lifting, sports, you can log bullshit like stairs instead of elevator, abs flex 3000, small walk. Nobody is going to really check what you're loggin, cheat if you want.

They want this as a good mmo, with classes, characteristics and competences, quests everywhere and even PvP.
But they only developped the social part during the last months...
I understand they need to create a big buzz on their site. They even apologized for that. I'm waiting for all this content.

I started to use it six months ago. I already wasn't 120kg anymore, getting healtier and really enjoying sports with my new all fit and soft body... It just allow me to have fun with friends. It's far more effective if you get friend to join with you.
So I can't sell this too much like the uber system to get active and love it. It wasn't this for me. 

But it could help one to get started.
And get motivated.
And get uber strong motherfucking nerds out of us.

It's still in beta testing. And so it's only on invitations, but it's pretty simple to get one or even a hundred...
Here a link to subscribe with an invitation, for a beginner group:

My nickname is Impetus on this site. Feel free to follow, props me or insult me when I don't get active enough.
Get strong and live 5ever.

jeudi 23 février 2012

Less computers! More blackboards!

I'm currently doing an internship in a computer science research institute.

Actually we don't have blackboards, but white. And I still don't have my office, anyway.

During the next 5 months, I'm going to try to formalize the transformation of information in proof theory, with category theory as an approach of graph transformation.
Ok, that pretty much the title... I gonna try to explain that.

Concretely, a proof is a tree.
At the top, the leaves are the hypotheses, your materials to prove something.
Could be statements, or theorem already proved as inference rules.
And at the bottom, the root is what you want to prove, as a goal. A new brand theorem.
You combine hypotheses. Get new ones, given by application of intermediate theorems.
Until your goal pops out of all of these actions.

Every manipulations of your hypotheses, to reach your goal, is a transformation of the tree.
Mostly relations between hypotheses and theorems applied, to get sub goals.
A mini proof tree in the proof tree.

There is a field of computer science which formalizes transformation of information. With category theory on graph theory.
But it's another story, another day.

By now, I'm only reading past publications of my supervisors, or their phd students.
In march I'll start to take some exemples of proofs, simple ones, and formalize the transformations made to get the proof.
It's just pure gold...

lundi 20 février 2012

Forever student

Holidays are over.

Tomorrow, I'm gonna get a paper made by my supervisors.
Just submitted, it's slightly an introduction for the subject of my research internship. And soon, I'll have my own desk, in a computer science research institute. Neat.

I guess that today was something like the last day of my childhood.
Classrooms, teachers, tests. All these things belonging to the past now.
Well, not really... First, I pretty much failed all my first semester exams.
So... see you next year!
And, I still plan to get, slowly, a mathematics BS degree. Which means listening to teachers in a classroom to attempt to pass exams.

Forever a student, and like it.
But now I could hang around in my office between courses.
And I'd have good coffee to drink.

dimanche 19 février 2012

Hit the slopes.

Awesome. This ski day was awesome.
Facing the slope, I felt great. And got exhausted.
Two then four hours in a row was a good fix.

We tried a new ski ressort, I tried more advanced skis, it got me to bite the snow some times, got some nice adrenaline rush. Loved it. Everything.

I didn't take so much pics. Just want to down the hill. Shame on me.
Here, what I left behind me, friday.

And where I ate this saturday.

It's gone too fast. I can't just wait to go again for a ride.

vendredi 17 février 2012

Tomorrow is already yesterday.

Tomorrow was planned to be a workout day. But no.
I can't fall asleep, so tomorrow is gonna be a rest day.

It's 4am, so actually, tomorrow is already today.
And today I'll need some time to pack my stuff for my week end.
I wasn't aware of this, before last month, but I fucking love skiing.

I'm gonna spend my last bucks for this week end.
And my mind is already enjoying the fresh air, enjoying the ride...
Likely the last of the season if I don't get some money quickly.
It sucks to be broke. Sucks to be a student.
But that doesn't really bother me, right now.
My mind is living one day forward, and only one.
So actually, today is already yesterday.