vendredi 17 février 2012

Tomorrow is already yesterday.

Tomorrow was planned to be a workout day. But no.
I can't fall asleep, so tomorrow is gonna be a rest day.

It's 4am, so actually, tomorrow is already today.
And today I'll need some time to pack my stuff for my week end.
I wasn't aware of this, before last month, but I fucking love skiing.

I'm gonna spend my last bucks for this week end.
And my mind is already enjoying the fresh air, enjoying the ride...
Likely the last of the season if I don't get some money quickly.
It sucks to be broke. Sucks to be a student.
But that doesn't really bother me, right now.
My mind is living one day forward, and only one.
So actually, today is already yesterday.

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R Thornton a dit…

Kind of blew my mind there, but it might be because I am exhausted!
-Ryan (