mercredi 15 février 2012

Why I train

I train myself every day God makes.
I kill myself to be a better me.

I want to be that guy. That guy people refer as strong and smart.
And so I train my mind on the most advanced problem I can handle. Mathematics and logic are my anvil. I want my mind to be as sharp as possible.
And so I train my ass with the heaviest weights I can. Feeling like I'm gonna die at every set of my workout. I want my body to worth the matter that the universe uses to make me live.

I compete only with myself. So I'm here to win.
Falling asleep, exhausted, and then waking up better than I was yesterday is what I do with the time given to me.

This blog will be my diary. And my epitaph.

3 commentaires:

R Thornton a dit…

That sounds like true motivation to me.

MynameisEarl a dit…

Keep it up mate, it'd be nice to hear your opinion on exercise and school matters. Going through university myself.

Simpetus a dit…

I try. I try.
I'm still far better than I was, 2 years ago. So feels good.