vendredi 24 février 2012

Get addicted... Get active.

Well no science today. Maybe some broscience.

If you're one of these fat nerds I was. Or maybe the skinny twig one.
But you always get addicted to any kind of things, and can't find motivation to get active, get healthy and live forever.
Maybe I have something for you.

It's kinda a social mmo, fitness related.

Social, because it looks a little like facebook. You have people following you, can join groups and talk shit on your profile.
Mmorpg, because you'll have to level up, you can do quests and get achievements, there are challenge between members. And that's for me the best part.
Fitness, because... well, you have to track physical activity to get points.
You can log weight lifting, sports, you can log bullshit like stairs instead of elevator, abs flex 3000, small walk. Nobody is going to really check what you're loggin, cheat if you want.

They want this as a good mmo, with classes, characteristics and competences, quests everywhere and even PvP.
But they only developped the social part during the last months...
I understand they need to create a big buzz on their site. They even apologized for that. I'm waiting for all this content.

I started to use it six months ago. I already wasn't 120kg anymore, getting healtier and really enjoying sports with my new all fit and soft body... It just allow me to have fun with friends. It's far more effective if you get friend to join with you.
So I can't sell this too much like the uber system to get active and love it. It wasn't this for me. 

But it could help one to get started.
And get motivated.
And get uber strong motherfucking nerds out of us.

It's still in beta testing. And so it's only on invitations, but it's pretty simple to get one or even a hundred...
Here a link to subscribe with an invitation, for a beginner group:

My nickname is Impetus on this site. Feel free to follow, props me or insult me when I don't get active enough.
Get strong and live 5ever.

6 commentaires:

MynameisEarl a dit…

Nice find brother! I never have a cemented workout/eating routine but when I workout I get results in a few days which are very noticeable indeed so I'll try this.

Hey, if you want to get motivated try my other blog.

You'll get motivated in no time.

DWei a dit…

Definitely going to look into this. Thanks for the invite code!

R Thornton a dit…

I know you sent me an email about this, but I still haven't tried it. Maybe I'll find the time this weekend.
-Ryan (

Anaconda1189 a dit…

Huh that's pretty sweet looking maybe I'll check it out.
Why's all your stuff in spanish?

Smile a dit…

The idea of a mmo like this is great but i'm not sure how one can get addicted to it

troy a dit…

This has potential