dimanche 19 février 2012

Hit the slopes.

Awesome. This ski day was awesome.
Facing the slope, I felt great. And got exhausted.
Two then four hours in a row was a good fix.

We tried a new ski ressort, I tried more advanced skis, it got me to bite the snow some times, got some nice adrenaline rush. Loved it. Everything.

I didn't take so much pics. Just want to down the hill. Shame on me.
Here, what I left behind me, friday.

And where I ate this saturday.

It's gone too fast. I can't just wait to go again for a ride.

4 commentaires:

DWei a dit…

Looks awesome, way better than the places I've gone to.

R Thornton a dit…

Glad you got to go out skiing! I hope you had a blast.
-Ryan (http://findonlinescams.blogspot.com)

Simpetus a dit…

Yeah, it was pretty nice...
The snow was just fresh from one day. Perfect weather. Perfect timing.
And I still have two third of the facility to try.

DoceanMotion a dit…

That's beautiful, bring me next time, thanks